Guest musicians tarot cards mockup
As a way to help promoting the "Wired for Madness" album, by Jordan Rudess, some illustrations
were made to show all of the 12 musicians guests that added their magical contribution to this work of art.

Based on the "Why i dream" music video, that has some ethereal tarot style, these cards
were made showing all the guests in a fun way.
Danielle and Jordan Rudess tarot cards
John Petrucci and James LaBrie tarot cards
Marjana Semkina, Marco Minneman and Guthrie Govan tarot cards
Alek Darson and Jonas Reingold tarot cards
Brothers Page, Elijah Wood and Vinnie Moore tarot cards
Rod Morgenstein and Joe Bonamassa tarot cards
Tarot Cards mockup
Jordan tarot card mockup

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