A Chapter in Time album cover
A Chapter in Time is an album made by Jordan Rudess during the time Covid striked our world,
and forced us to stay at home. 
A chapter of uncertainty and anguish in our lives, which was captured and beautifully translated into amazing piano songs.

"This album was created as a musical reflection of a most unusual time in our history. When Covid forced everyone to stay at home, I felt an intense desire to express myself the best way I know how. Like a musical diary, I would capture my thoughts and feelings at the piano to create what is now presented to you as "A Chapter in Time"" - Jordan Rudess
Being able to be part of Jordan's amazing work was one of my greatest accomplishments.
Knowing that i could bring a visual aspect to his music is something that will always bring joy to my heart,
the same way his music brings joy to the world! 

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