Lucas Wormsbecher signature look photo
Lucas Wormsbecher (vonsbeker) is an illustrator based in Brazil, and has been hostage of his draftsmanship since the very first contact with a crayon. Since then, he knew that the artistic path would be... inevitable.
The consequences of it are visible: Lucas now works full time doing illustrations and album cover artworks. Some of his notable works include the album cover for A Chapter in Time, by Jordan Rudess, the concept arts and character animation for the music video Temple of Circadia, by John Petrucci, and the artwork for James LaBrie's tattoo and his fanclub logo.
Lucas is passionated about his little dogs and can't go through the day without harvesting inspiration from music. Has a taste for the surrealistic and bizarre, which are often depicted in his works.
He believes that the variety of things we enjoy brings new colors to the color palette of our lives and makes us to enjoy more of the wonders of human creativity. 

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