Pirate Ship logo
I got the opportunity to redesign the first Pirate Ship logo back in 2016, when i met Gustavo Agostini (owner of the Pirate Ship fanclub and my long time brother). It was mainly printed on tshirts on a short-run production,
for fans all over the globe.

Unexpectedly, that same symbol found its way to be tattooed on James' forearm,
showing an enormous appreciation for the fanclub.
Pirate Ship logo on a black tshirt
And in 2019, the logo was updated once again to match improved visual standards and to include two snakes (based on his most recent tattoo, and also inspired by the track title "Viper King", by Dream Theater)
Pirate Ship logo mockup on a fabric
Pirate Ship skull close-up
Pirate Ship logo mockup on tshirts

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